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Geared Up - My Current Favourites

Hudson Broadcast PG-24v-FS - Rossa Corsa

This pedal has received a lot of love from the likes of That Pedal Show and players like Joey Landreth recently, and has been hugely in demand. I had to wait several months for mine! I was lucky enough to get a limited edition one from the wonderful folks at Peach Guitars.

So what makes it so special?

This pedal is designed to give the tones, and feel of classic recording consoles of the 1960s, but also carries on where they left. Hudson Electronics use nothing but the absolute best components they can get their hands on. This pedal now has a firm residency on my pedalboard, due to its astounding versatility, whilst always sounding unique, and it just feels SO GOOD under the fingers. The drive is rough around the edges, and so full and rich, and nothing like any other pedal. This will be on the board for a long time to come!


Dunlop Primetone Jazz III XL - 1.4mm

It may seem a little excessive to get excited by picks, but trust me when I say that when you find the right fit for you, EVERY element of your playing is enhanced, from dynamics, overall tone, speed and accuracy. The thing with the Primetone picks, is they're not just your average dime-a-dozen picks, churned out by machines. They are the result of more than 40 years of expertise from Dunlop. My favourite thing about these picks is that they're all hand-burnished, and have perfectly bevelled edge. This bevelled edge gives a great real immediacy, and snap when striking the strings, but also helps the pick to glide from one note to the next; speed AND tone.

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